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Book Your Southwest Award Flights Before March 31st

Southwest Devaluation

Starting after March 31st Southwest is devaluing their Rapid Rewards frequent flier miles by 17%. Currently award flights cost 60 points per dollar of a fare, after the 31st that is going to to 70 points per dollar of a fare.

For example if a Southwest fare is $200 it will currently require 12,000 miles for a free flight. After the 31st that same $200 flight will cost 14,000 points for a free flight.

If you’re going to be redeeming Rapid Rewards for a flight soon now is the time to book!

Free American Airlines Miles with the AAdvantage Passport Challenge

AAdvantage Passport Challenge

American Airlines is currently running a fun and free game on Facebook where you can earn up to 10,000+ AAdvantge miles for playing.  More realistically this is more like 1000 free miles, to earn the full amount you need to fly on American and US Airways flights.  It’s an easy 1000 or so miles that can be completed in about 10-15 minutes.

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How to Use Southwest Frequent Flier Miles for Free Flights to Disney World

Southwest Plane

For many going on their Disney vacations one of the largest expenses for vacations is the flight to and from Orlando. Most of us live far enough away from Florida that driving would take just too long, especially with a car full of kids so flying is the only option.  The only problem is the high cost of flights today makes it cost prohibitive to fly a family to Florida even on budget carriers.

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