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How To Avoid Long Lines at Disney World

Lines at Epcot

When you’re on a Walt Disney World vacation getting the most out of your time of the parks is a priority for many visitors. You are paying a pretty penny for the privilege to be in the park and there are only so many hours that it’s open. I always remind readers here on Frugal Mouse that time = money which is especially true when you’re touring the parks. A key to getting the most bang for your buck is to avoid long lines at Disney World.

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The Best Options for Discount Disney Park Tickets

discount disney park tickets

Navigating the maze of Disney park tickets can leave your head spinning – between all of the options, vendors, packages and specials available you can spend days trying to get the best deal.  I’m here to help you save yourself a lot of time and hopefully some money by simply outlining what your best options for discount Disney Park tickets that you can find right now.

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Is the Water Park Fun & More Option Worth It?

Blizzard Beach

The Water Park Fun & More option is an add on that you can select when purchasing your Disney tickets.  Park tickets will be one of the most expensive if not the single largest expense for a Walt Disney World vacation. Disney provides many options when purchasing your tickets to help cater your tickets to your vacation but at the same time can add some confusion as to which options to select and what will provide you with the best value.

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5 Cheapest Times to go to Disney World

Cheapest TImes Disney

Timing your trip to Disney World can have a huge impact on the cost, crowds, weather and overall enjoyment of your trip.  For this post I’m going to focus on the times of year that will keep costs the lowest with a secondary look at the crowd levels during those times.  The highest variable costs for your Disney trip will be

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14 Disney Experts Share Their Tips: How to Save on Your Disney Vacation


I recently reached out to many Disney experts to ask them one question: What is your best Disney money saving tip? These are some of the biggest experts on the web with a huge wealth of knowledge to share from all aspects of Disney.

They all shared a lot of great tips to save you money on your next Disney vacation – be sure to check out all of their sites too for even more Disney information! [click to continue…]