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14 Disney Experts Share Their Tips: How to Save on Your Disney Vacation


I recently reached out to many Disney experts to ask them one question: What is your best Disney money saving tip? These are some of the biggest experts on the web with a huge wealth of knowledge to share from all aspects of Disney.

They all shared a lot of great tips to save you money on your next Disney vacation – be sure to check out all of their sites too for even more Disney information! [click to continue…]

How to Stay at the Swan & Dolphin for FREE

Starwood Preferred Guest

What are some of the most costly items for a Disney vacation?  In no particular order most people would say flights/travel, park tickets and hotels.  Any one of those items could easily run a family over $1000, a large sum of money and large portion of the vacation budget.

I’ll show you how to eliminate the costs for hotels completely, allowing you to stay for free at one of the best hotels on Disney property – the Swan and Dolphin. [click to continue…]

How to Get 10% off all Your Disney World Purchases (including food!)

Disney Gift Card

5/24 Update: It appears that only the Target RED Debit/Credit card is working to get 5% off gift cards now.

What would you think about getting 10% off of every single purchase on your vacation at Disney World?

10% may not seem like much but here at Frugal Mouse every penny counts!  This method isn’t too difficult to pull off either so it’s a quick and easy way to save a few bucks here and there. [click to continue…]

The Case Against Park Hopping

Park Hopping at Disney World

Tickets are among the highest expenses for your Disney vacation – most families are easily dropping over $1,000 alone just for park tickets.  With tickets being such a huge expense I started looking for some ways to minimize the costs of those very expensive tickets.

[click to continue…]