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Parking at Disney Parks Raised to $17


It’s going to get a little more expensive to leave your car in a parking lot to enjoy the theme parks at Walt Disney World effective immediately.  As of today parking has increased by $2 for a total of $17 for a day of parking at any of the four theme parks.  This continues Disney’s push to make it less affordable for day trippers to visit the parks and “encourage” people to stay on site.

With this parking increase it does make staying off site a bit more expensive.  It also gives a little more value to parking at Downtown Disney, taking a bus to any of the resorts then transferring to the parks which will now save you $17 in parking.

If you are staying at many of the Disney area off-site resorts most have some type of shuttle service that runs to the parks which is usually included in your room rate.  With this parking price increase it may be worth it more to take those shuttles now than drive and park yourself.

Is parking cars getting more expensive all of the sudden for Disney? Probably not.  But increasing parking prices is an easy to way wring a few more dollars out of day and offsite guests who already are paying a lot to visit the theme parks in the first place.  Scrooge McDuck would highly approve of this price hike.

What are your thoughts on the parking price increase? Fair price for parking or corporate greed?

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