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New Discount Disney Park Tickets Offer for Groups

Disney Large Group Offer

Disney has released a new ticket offer targeted at large families or groups of 6 or more. If you purchase 6 Disney park tickets or more of 4 days or more you’ll get a free day added to each ticket. Unfortunately this offer can’t be booked online, you have to call (844) 2GETHER or (844) 243-8437 or book through a travel agent to take advantage of this offer.

Disney ran a similar offer during the fall when you booked a Magic Your Way Package – the requirement with this offer is that you purchase 6 tickets at once.

Is This a Good Deal?

Assuming that you’re able to purchase 6 tickets at once, just how good of a deal is this offer?  Based off of how Disney prices their tickets the longer you stay the more you’ll save per day so based off of that you’ll get the most value from this deal purchasing the 4 day ticket because each incremental day with fewer days are more expensive.

That may be a little confusing so I’ll show you the math.  Currently a 4 day magic Your Way park ticket is $313.11 which comes to $78.28/day.  If you were to purchase with this offer you’ll get 5 days for the price of 4 which will drop your per day cost to $62.62, a 20% savings – not bad!

Now if we were to purchase a 6 day ticket that would currently run us $334.41 or $55.74/day.  With this offer we would get a 7 day ticket for the cost of 6 days which will bring our per day cost $47.77, a 14% savings.

As you can see better value with this deal lives when you’re purchasing 4-5 days but even if you’re going to be purchasing longer you will have a good amount of savings from this deal.

Comparing to Other Discount Tickets

Should you go with this offer or purchase tickets through one of the discount ticket sellers like Undercover Tourist?  Right now on Undercover Tourist has a 5 day Magic Your Way for only $309.99 which is less than the deal price of $313.11 so you’ll save a few dollars with Undercover Tourist.

Undercover Tourist Prices

Looking at the 7 day park ticket price, Undercover Tourist has it for $344.45 where the deal would run you 334.41 so in this case you’ll come out on top a few dollars with the Disney deal.

As you can see based off of this you’ll have to run the numbers based off of the number of days you’re looking at to see which will make the most sense in your case.

Offer Details

  • Eligibility
    • Valid with party of 6 or more Guests.
  • Purchase Through
    • June 14, 2014
  • Ticket Requirements
    • Tickets are valid for one theme park per day and must be used within 14 days of first use.
  • Offer Restrictions
    • All tickets and options are non-transferable and non-refundable, are only valid during regularly scheduled operating hours and exclude activities/events priced separately.
    • No additional discounts apply.
    • Offer not available for previously purchased tickets.
    • Advance purchase required. Offer not available at theme park or Downtown Disney ticket windows.
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