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New Summer Discount Offer + Dining Plan Price Increases

Disney Caribbean Beach, Lighthouse Dock

For today, I have some good news and some bad news. How about we review the good news first – a new discount roomer offer for this summer, then we will discuss the bad news – another price increase for the Disney Dining package. While I never recommend the dining package unless it’s highly discounted or free, the trend of Disney increasing prices continues which is bad news for us all.

Let’s take a look at the new Awakens Summer room discount offer!

Awaken Summer Discount Offer

Today Disney announced a brand new room-only discount offer of up to 30% off select rooms for dates this coming summer. As an interesting addition to this offer, you will receive a special Star Wars Awaken Summer Magic Band. These special magic bands will magically activate on touchscreens around the parks and play Star Wars sounds/video. In order to get the special magic bands, you will have to add at least a 2-day ticket which turns it into a Magic Your Way package.

This offer follows the same format of Disney’s usually room only discount offers:

  • Deluxe Villa Resort Hotels: Up to 30% off
  • Deluxe Resort Hotels: Up to 30% off
  • Moderate Resort Hotels: Up to 20%
  • Value Resorts Hotels: Up to 20%

Grand Flordian

What’s nice about this offer is that the value resorts are getting a slightly higher discount rate than the standard 15% we have seen in the past. Discount amounts, resorts, and dates vary so you’ll want to check on Disney’s site to see the full breakdown.

Key Dates:

  • Rooms need to be booked by June 10th
  • Valid for dates between 5/30 and 8/25

As with all offers like this, inventory is limited so if you are planning to take advantage you should book sooner than later.

Dream Makers Travel agency

To book this package, contact our friends over at Dream Makers Travel Agency who can help you get set up with your dream Disney Vacation. As a special bonus to Frugal Mouse readers, you can get a FREE Disney gift card when booking if you mention Frugal Mouse.

  • $25 gift card for packages $1000 – $3000
  • $50 gift card for packages $3001 – $6000
  • $75 gift card for packages $6001 – $8000
  • $100 gift card (or more) for packages over $8000

Disney Dining Plan Price Increase

For the second time this year, Disney has increased the cost of the Disney Dining package. Why they would hike prices twice in a few months makes me think that the first increase may have been a mistake? I can’t think of any other reason they would increase the price twice.

Unless the dining package is free I never recommend booking the dining plan because it’s not worth the cost. The price increases are only a few percent, but it’s already on top of the expensive prices to begin with.

The new prices are as follows:

Quick-Service Dining Plan
$42.84 to $44.13 for adults
$17.47 to $19.04 for kids

The quick service dining plan allows you to have two quick-service meals and one snack per day plus a refillable mug.

Standard Dining Plan
$61.84 to $63.70 for adults
$20.96 to $22.85 for kids

The standard dining plan allows you to have one sit-down meal, one quick-service meals and one snack per day plus a refillable mug.

Deluxe Dining Plan
$111.57 to $115.08 for adults
$32.56 to $35.49 for kids

The deluxe dining plan allows you to have three one sit-down meals, and two snacks per day plus a refillable mug.

I know many of you are still holding out hope that Disney announces a free dining package for this year. I have not heard of anything yet but I will be sure to post the minute I hear anything!

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  1. Hello,

    Do you know if we will see the free dining plan this year 2016?

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Hope – No word yet about a 2016 free dining plan but stay tuned, I’ll be sure to post the second I hear anything.

  2. Can you explain why you feel the meal plan is not worth the $?

    1. The Disney dining plans at full price won’t save you any money compared to paying the actual prices in the restaurants. The quick service dining plan is $44 for an adult. If you were to pay out of pocket, you would pay about $10 for both lunch and dinner ($20), plus a snack ($5) and $5-6 for breakfast which comes to about $41-42. You’re still less than the $44 which the plan costs.

      Now if you choose all of the most expensive meals when you’re on the dining plan you may be able to come out ahead but in most scenarios that I’ve run through you’ll only come out ahead by a few dollars each time.


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