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The Ultimate Guide to an Affordable Disney World Vacation is Here!

The Ultimate Guide to an Affordable Disney World Vacation

After months of research, writing, editing and designing – I’m happy to announce that my first book, The Ultimate Guide to an Affordable Disney World Vacation has officially been released! When I first started the journey to write a book, I was planning just to have it as an eBook download here on the site.

After talking to many readers of this site, something became very clear to me – Disney World was just getting too expensive to many families. I polled many readers to see what they spent on their vacations, the average cost for a family of four to go was over $4,171.96!

Why Did I Write This Book?

Some of my best memories from my childhood (and even into my adulthood) have been on my trips to Disney World. Those memories I have made with my friends and family over the years on our trips will last a lifetime. I want everyone to be able to experience those amazing memories that I have had, and hope to continue on with my family.


When I hear from readers that they aren’t able to go at all, take on massive credit card debt or have to go much less than they would like are many of the reasons I decided to write this book. I want to help those families find ways to save on their trips so they can take that first trip, second trip or tenth trip down to visit Mickey and friends.

Yes, I understand that the book does cost money BUT I can guarantee you’ll save a lot more than you’ll spend on the book and that it’s a very worthwhile investment. If you didn’t get the value you thought out of the book, simply e-mail me and I’ll refund the cost of the book no questions asked.

What will you find in the book?

You’ll follow along with the Barry family to see how they used the tips and strategies in the book to save on their Disney World vacation. They were able to save a whopping $2,124.20 on their trip by just using the strategies I outline in the book.


I broke out each major expense into its own chapter: Travel, Resorts/Hotels, Food, Park Tickets, and other ways to save money. Each chapter has many, easy to follow, actionable strategies and tips that will help cut down on the cost of each of the major expenses.

  • Getting to Disney
    • Planes, trains or automobiles – you will need to get to Orlando somehow. You’ll learn how to find discounted flights, when the best time to search is and even how to fly for free!
  • Park Tickets
    • Learn the secrets to finding the best deals on park tickets. Disney makes tickets purposely confusing to encourage you to spend more money, we’ll make sure you don’t fall into their traps.
  • Resorts & Hotels
    • Whether you’re staying on-site in the middle of the magic or at an off-site hotel to save money, you’ll learn insider tips to finding the best deals at the best hotels at Disney World.
  • Food
    • Disney World’s food prices can really put a dent in your wallet. Luckily you’ll learn how to escape from those high prices, save money on food and even get the Disney Dining package for free!

For a limited time when you purchase any version of the book, you’ll get the FREE bonus chapter: 10 Free Things to do at Disney World! Most “free” things to do at Disney World are not worth the time or effort to do. In this bonus chapter, you’ll learn about FREE things to do on your next trip that are actually worth doing.

Get The Book

The book is available exclusively through in both Kindle/eBook and paperback formats. As a Frugal Mouse reader, I’m opening up the launch sale to everyone here for the next week, you can get the Kindle/eBook version for only $2.99 and the paperback version for only $12.57. After that Amazon forces me to raise the price back up so grab your copy now before the sale ends!




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