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Disney Pin Code Alert – Check Your Mail!

Disney Pin Code

I usually only get the mail a few times a week because 99.9999% of all mail in my mailbox is junk – ads, menus, credit card offers, you know – run of the mill junk. Yesterday was my lucky day when I checked the mail I found a nice big envelope from Disney Destinations which I knew had the chance to be a pin code.

Disney Destinations is the subsidiary company that sends out most of the marketing material to consumers so if you have mail from them it’s probably good news. Earlier in the month I received a flyer from them but [click to continue…]

How to get a Disney Pin Code


One tool that Disney uses to encourage people to come and pay them a visit is to offer discount codes which are also know as Pin Codes. These pin codes are coveted discounts that many Disney fans hope to receive in the snail mail or via email. These pin codes are exclusive offers that Disney sends to individuals that can only be redeemed by that person for various discounts on rooms, tickets or packages.

The question that many Disney fans has is how do I get targeted with a Disney Pin code offer? [click to continue…]