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Disney World Military Discounts

Disney Military Discounts

Our military allows us to have our freedom that we enjoy today which includes being able to visit and have things like Disney World in our lives. Because of their dedication and service to our country Disney offers special discounts to our active and retired military personnel – from tickets, hotels to special events. What a better way to honor our service men and women than giving them a great discount at the happiest place on earth!

In this post today I’ll outline most of Disney Military Discounts that military personnel can enjoy on their trips to Disney World. For most of these discounts be sure to double check with Disney on your eligibility as there are special rules around these discounts for military members. [click to continue…]

How to get a Disney Pin Code


One tool that Disney uses to encourage people to come and pay them a visit is to offer discount codes which are also know as Pin Codes. These pin codes are coveted discounts that many Disney fans hope to receive in the snail mail or via email. These pin codes are exclusive offers that Disney sends to individuals that can only be redeemed by that person for various discounts on rooms, tickets or packages.

The question that many Disney fans has is how do I get targeted with a Disney Pin code offer? [click to continue…]

New Discount Disney Park Tickets Offer for Groups

Disney Large Group Offer

Disney has released a new ticket offer targeted at large families or groups of 6 or more. If you purchase 6 Disney park tickets or more of 4 days or more you’ll get a free day added to each ticket. Unfortunately this offer can’t be booked online, you have to call (844) 2GETHER or (844) 243-8437 or book through a travel agent to take advantage of this offer.

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When is the Best Time to Purchase Cheap Airfare?

aadvantage avios

We all love to travel to Disney World but for a large majority of us we’re too far away which means we have to get on a plane to get there. When you purchase your flights can have a large impact on how much you end up paying. Those flight costs can really add up, especially for those trips which consist of entire family and not just one person. I know we all stress about how can you make sure that you are getting the best deal on your flights.

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