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Disney Raises Single Day Park Tickets

One Day Will Cost You

Disney has quietly raised single day park ticket prices by $4 for all four theme parks. Magic Kingdom is now up to a whopping $99/day while the other 3 parks will set you back $94/day. Ouch.

Disney continues to punish people who want to go for single day or short stays by jacking up shorter term tickets and “encouraging” people to stay longer during their vacations.  For a family of 4 who would want to go just go for a day, you’re looking at a cost of $421.76 just for tickets!

Luckily all other ticket prices have remained the same…for now. Disney usually raises park ticket prices once a year so I’m certain that we’ll be seeing an increase with all other ticket prices in the not too distant future.


Scrooge McDuck would approve of these ticket prices

Historically ticket price hikes usually take place during the summer months, especially in June but they have been know to raise them without warning during other times of the year.

I always recommend buying your park tickets as soon as you know you will be doing to avoid being hit with a price increase.  It’s not a matter of if but when park ticket prices will be going up so be sure to lock

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