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Fastpass+ Gets an Upgrade


Today on the Disney Parks Official Blog there was an exciting announcement from the chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts about new features that were being rolled out to the new Fastpass+ system. Previously guest were only able to reserve three rides per day at one park but that’s all going to change next week.

Next week Fastpass+ will now allow guests to get additional Fastpass+ reservations after the initial 3 have been used as well as park hop and use their Fastpass+ as well. The official announcement from Tom Staggs:

So starting Monday, after guests have used their first three FastPass+ selections, they will be able to select another one at one of the kiosks located in each of our WDW parks. When they’ve used that one, they’ll be able to select another, and so on, ultimately providing guests with even more ways to customize their Walt Disney World Vacation. Guests will also be able to select and use their additional FastPass+ entitlements when they hop from park to park.

This announcement makes Fastpass+ much more valuable to park guests by lifting the 3 attraction limit and allowing for the park hopping. With these changes to Fastpass+ we will be able to get even more value out of our Disney vacations.

Many people will make the argument that the Fastpass system as a whole creates longer lines at the park which is true to an extent but what it does is help even out the distribution of people among the rides. Overall now that we’re allowed to have more than 3 reservations in a day there will be more opportunities for us to skip the lines and experience more of the parks.

Soarin Fastpass+

Soarin’ Would be a Good Use of Fastpass+

Disney will continue to tweak the algorithm that determines how many Fastpasses are available for each day and eventually start handing out free Fastpass+ in real time to visitors via the iPhone app to help more evenly distribute guests.

How to use Fastpass+ To Help Save Time

1. Make your ride reservations as early in advance as you can. Day guests can begin making reservations 30 days out with resort guests getting the ability up to 60 days out.

Right when you’re open to start making reservations, make them to ensure that you get the attractions you want on the days you want. When reserving in advance make sure to always choose the top 3 most popular attractions in the park.

2. Use the SmartPhone app. You should be using the My Disney Experience mobile app to make/update/change your attraction reservations rather than having to find one of the kiosks.

My Disney Experience mobile app

My Disney Experience mobile app is your best friend

It’s simple enough to do even while you’re in line! Planning to hop over to Hollywood Studios in the evening? Open up the app before you leave your current park and make a Fastpass+ reservation before you even go.

3. Don’t Reserve Evening Shows in advance for Advance Fastpass+. The announcement states that after you have used your 3 fastpass+ initially you can then make another one but what if you have a Fastpass+ for Illuminations?

Right now it sounds like you’ll be stuck and not able to make any others because you’ll have that one pending.  More info to come on this, I’ll verify if it’s true.

4. Use Fastpass+ for the most popular attractions. The most popular attractions at each of the four parks will have the longest lines as well as running out of Fastpasses the earliest. My recommendations would be for the attractions below at the parks:

  • Magic Kingdom – Space, Splash, Big Thunder Mountains
  • Epcot – Soarin’, Test Track
  • Hollywood Studios – Midway Mania, Rock’n’Rollercoaster, Tower of Terror
  • Animal Kingdom – Everest, Kilimanjaro Safaris


As Disney continues to roll out it’s new “Next Gen” technologies which Fastpass+ is a part of, we will continue to see technolgoy play a larger role in our Disney vacations. Overall these are very positive changes coming to Fastpass+ next week, I’m looking forward to the additional changes that will be coming in the future.


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